Sunday, August 10, 2008

Compression Test and Suspension

Byron, Jake, and Shane got together today to do a compression test on the Corvair's engine and see if we could determine what the heck was going on with the camber on the left rear wheel.

The good news is that the camber should be an easy fix. Jake saw that the camber plate is adjusted in the "wrong" direction and that the left rear control arms is probably installed on the right side of the car. It's going to be a shame to fix, really. The car went around left turns so well...

The bad news is the result of the compression test. The compression test on the left side cylinders was 100/130/100 - a little low, but perfectly acceptable for LeMons duty. Compression on the right side cylinders was 0/0/0. Hopefully it's just the gasket, and not a dropped valve seat.

A few pics from the shop day. Shane cranks the mighty flat 6 and dreams of LeMons glory...

...while Jake checks the compression and contemplates running the car as a straight-3.

Meanwhile, Byron found the detachable face for the stereo! That's another $50 in our account when we sell it on eBay.

4 carburettors feeding 6 cylinders. I hear it's a piece of cake to synchronize.

While nobody likes to hear that their engine is half dead, at least we know what we need to do. Jake will get a copy of the shop manual, Shane will figure out if the head can be removed without dropping the engine from the car, and Byron will find some jack stands.

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