Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Corvair survives ARSE-FREEZE-APALOOZA

A much belated update to our dozens of fans out there on the Internets. We'll be updating the blog a bit more frequently in our run up to GOIN' FOR BROKEN over Memorial Day weekend.

The Corvair soldiered on through our last race and Team Unsafe at any Speed recorded a very solid 54th place out of 114 entrants. Not bad for a car that's over four decades old and didn't have a 3rd gear. Sure, there were some interesting goings on with last second muffler additions resulting in metal fireballs. Still, the car not only survived the race but is in good enough shape to run another race. A short race recap:

- RX7's don't like Mike.
- Manual transmissions don't like Byron.
- The Pandamonium guys don't like Shane.
- Jake and Bradley are still tall.

We did manage to secure the "Most Likely to Leave in an Ambulance" award! We think it's quite an honor.

The full results are available here.

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