Sunday, May 24, 2009

Going For Broken Race Report

We went for broken, and we made it. Pictures to follow, but I'll sum up. We threw the fan belt, didn't notice until the engine overheated and threw a rod. Our plan was to remove the trashed #3 piston and conrod, along with the intact #4 piston and conrod, and run the thing as a four-cylinder. Sadly, even after removing the damaged pistons, the crank was locked up solid.

We found one possible parts car, but there was an inch-thick layer of leaves and dirt in the engine compartment, including inside the open oil filler neck. We found a line on a possible spare motor, but the person selling it was so high on meth when we called him Saturday night that he had forgotten the conversation by Sunday morning and claimed he had sold the motor to someone from Las Vegas.

With no motor, our race was over. I think we completed 10 laps, but maybe only 9. We will mount the piston and conrod next to the trophy from Arse-Freeze-A-Palooza.

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Richh said...

What can you expect, the Corvair is a lemon! --Pops